My Story

Growing up right here in the third district as the son of a National Guardsman and a Teacher, service is ingrained into each of my values. Over the course of my life, several challenges and calls to service have deepened my love for our country and our Utah traditions.

Just when my legal career was beginning I was mobilized for 16 months as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a military intelligence officer in Iraq, I was promoted to Captain and worked closely with other intelligence agencies to defeat our enemies and ensure that our troops returned home safely.

While attending Brigham Young University, I met my wife, Misha. Afterwards, our first daughter, Hadley was born deaf. This challenge was one that had Misha and I navigating through a world of doctors, therapists, and special needs learning. Today, Hadley is happy and healthy along with our other daughter, Bronwyn, and sons Maddox and Lincoln. 

Why I am Running

When I was growing up in Mapleton, Utah, our district was a rural and agricultural one. Today, it is the blossoming high-tech and entrepreneurial envy of the nation. That is because ours is a story of what forward leaps can be made when government steps back and allows us to pursue innovation and prosperity.

I am running for Congress because I want the story of our district to be the story of Utah and the entire nation. Economic growth, technological innovation and prosperity will take care of many of the issues we face – including the national debt, health care, and education. To achieve this, our government simply has to get out of the way and I will work to make that happen.

My experience serving in the military as an intelligence officer, specifically in the Middle East, has made me keenly aware of the threats to our national security. In Congress, I will seek to serve on either the Intelligence or Armed Services committees to lend my expertise in how best to eradicate the dangers we face.