Smaller Government

The federal government’s overreach has grown to the point where even Utah farmers and landowners are feeling the effects of its illegal land-grabs. It’s time to rein in the federal bureaucracy by using Congress’s power of the purse to gut funding for unnecessary agencies.


Protecting Our Rights

In Washington, our Constitution has been treated more as a list of suggestions rather than our governing document. We must defend our God-given rights, including religious freedom, the 10th Amendment reserving of powers for the states, and our right to keep and bear arms.


Health Care Reform

We need to find and develop market-based solutions that provide health care for the vast majority of our population. States, not the federal government, should be responsible for deciding how to treat those who may not fall into any particular market system.


Term Limits

Our founding fathers intended for our representatives to be regular laymen and workers, not lifetime politicians and bureaucrats. I support a three-term limit for representatives and a two-term limit for senators because I believe our democracy works best when members of Congress are actually representative of the people.



Our federal government should not be dictating our schools’ testing standards from Washington, D.C. Control over education must be returned to where it belongs – the hands of parents and teachers.


Jobs & the Economy

Our economy works best when government isn’t in the way. In Congress, I will work to introduce and support legislation that makes it easier for business owners and job creators to grow our economy by lessening regulatory and tax burdens.



Our tax code is far too complex, and it doesn’t have to be. In order to help our families and businesses live out their dreams and prosper, we need to provide a fair and certain tax rate for all Americans.



As a nation of laws, we must enforce current law as it stands on immigration. Our first priority must be to secure and protect the border, and only then can we explore immigration reform.


National Security

Our military has suffered eight years under an administration that sent our men and women in uniform to war zones with their hands tied behind their back. We need to give our armed forces the tools they need to succeed and come back home, no exceptions.



Our veterans are heroes who ought to be respected and taken care of by our government in every aspect – including health care. Veterans’ Affairs dollars should allow our veterans access to the best care within our private sector, and we should work to phase out VA hospitals entirely.